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Our 3-Step ProcessHow It Works?

Tuition Singapore has created this overview guide to give you an understanding of our 3-step process.

Submit Request

The first step is to submit an online request through our tutor request form or you may contact us.

Clarify and Shortlist

In the second step, we will clarify and shortlist tutors that match your preferences and requirements.

First Lesson

In the final step, we will arrange for the first lesson with the selected tutor based on your preferred date and time.

Student-Centered Private Home Tuition Agency In Singapore

Is your child getting the grades he deserves? Are they not fulfilling their potential? Do they get distracted by the traditional school setting? Do they need a boost in one particular subject area? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Tuition Singapore home tuition agency is the service for you. We give you the opportunity to expand your child’s educational horizons, all from the comfort of your home; after all, where else provides you with the calm, relaxing, stress-free environment that is essential to learning? We specialise in English, Maths, Science, Chinese, Malay and Tamil tuition for a wide range of ages, including university and polytechnic level courses.

Some parents think that extra private home tuition for their child is an unnecessary expense, but this couldn’t be further from the truth (not to mention that our rates are incredibly competitive). In reality, no matter how good the school or university is that your child is attending, there is always room for improvement. The classroom environment isn’t always the most conducive to learning – classmates can be distracting, clocks can be watched, windows can be stared out of, and external sounds such as noise from the next classroom can interrupt a child’s concentration. One hour of lesson time doesn’t necessarily equal one hour of actual learning, and it is this sad fact that has led to many parents seeking extra tuition for their kids.

Change Your Child’s Life With Our Excellent Tutoring Services

There are worries that the Singapore education system doesn’t produce enough driven students, that traditional classrooms are taking away our children’s innate desire to learn, but this doesn’t have to be so. Here at online Tuition Singapore, we don’t believe that learning should be a chore; we want every single one of our students to come away from us with both excellent grades and an overwhelming thirst for knowledge. Our home tuition in Singapore helps to open up their minds and look at the world in a different, more open-minded way. This isn’t just something that comes from a textbook, and it’s something they’ll be able to take with them – and will help them greatly – in their daily lives in the future.

What if we told you that we could teach your child in the relaxed, stress-free environment of their own home, on a one-on-one basis, with minimum distractions? When your child feels like they’re the only one getting the teacher’s full attention, you’ll be amazed at how much they want to learn. And they won’t just be learning what they need to meet their subject’s syllabus; they’ll also be learning important life skills that will greatly help them in their future, such as how to be independent, how to use their initiative, and how to be productive in all areas of their life.

Tuition Singapore Distinction

Why Should You Hire A Home Tutor In Singapore?

Our tuition agency realises that success in education – at any level – greatly depends on the relationship between the student and the teacher. That is why all of our home tutors in Singapore are chosen with the students in mind; of course, every tutor is thoroughly considered in terms of their educational transcripts, level of experience, and past success in teaching, but they are also chosen very carefully depending on the student they will have to guide. When requesting tuition, we ask for information on the child’s initial progress and any strengths and weaknesses they may have, which allows us to match the student up with the perfect tutor who will understand their needs and will be able to choose the best approach to their education. This focused, tailored tuition is something your child will not get at school, no matter how high the school’s levels of teaching excellence are.

We offer a wide range of teachers – including undergraduates, full-time tutors, PhD level tutors and fully certified MOE teachers – all of whom have been selected for their high-quality tutoring skills. We currently have over 2000 tutors registered on our books, with more joining the Tuition Singapore family all the time. Most importantly, all of our private home tutors are passionate about what they do, and they work hard to pass that passion onto their students. Whether you want your child to brush up on their maths, enhance their English skills, or learn more about science, our tutors will dedicate themselves to opening up an exciting new world of education, in a way that will make your child want to learn.

Can You Afford Not To Give Your Child This Chance?

For more information on our home tutoring services, we invite you to take a look around the site and sign up today if you want to give your child the best possible start in life. We pride ourselves on our high level of tutoring, as well as our high level of customer service. If you have any queries regarding our tuition services, please get in touch and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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