Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Parents and Students

1. I would like to schedule home tuition services for my child. What is the easiest way to request a home tutor?

Online Tutor Request Registration Form - You can complete the tutor request form and someone from our trained agency will contact you. Requirements will be discussed and we will begin arranging a reliable private tutor for your child.

Email Enquiry - Feel free to drop us an email at admin @ to begin the process of securing a private tutor for your child. We would like to know about your child's learning weaknesses and abilities, personality, age and grade level, and any special requirements you may be looking for. This information is very valuable as we match your child with one of our suitable home tutors

Phone/SMS Enquiry - If you would like to speak to someone at our agency personally, please feel free to give us a call. If you are not successful in reaching someone, you can drop us a text and we will contact you soon. We will be happy to discuss what we can do to help your child improve educationally.

2. Will I be responsible for paying referral fees?

No, you do not need to pay any fees directly to our tuition agency. We charge a commission to our tutors for the first two weeks of work; this serves as our agency's referral fee. Once your tutor is confirmed you will receive an email with the tuition, tutor, and payment information.

Within three days of confirmation you need to make the first payment in order to maintain your tuition slot. Your first payment will need to be half of the first month's fees. If after the first lesson you are not satisfied with the assigned tutor we will be glad to arrange another tutor free of charge.

3. What options do I have for paying the tuition fee?

You can make your tuition fee payment using cash, cheque, or bank transfer. We recommend bank transfer because of its convenience.

4. Is it possible for me to request a MOE School teacher to tutor my child?

Sure! We can arrange for a MOE School teacher to be your child's home tutor. However, please be aware that the tuition fee is higher than other full-time and part-time tutors. Also, a teacher's availability will not be as flexible as other tutors; you may have to adjust your schedule to meet their available time slots. Our agency personnel will work to adequately match your child to fit your requirements.

5. How do I know that your tutors are qualified?

Each tutor's information and credentials are verified by our agency personnel. If you would like to personally verify your assigned tutor's credentials it is perfectly acceptable to request that they provide documents for you at the first lesson.

6. How can I decide between a home tuition program or a tuition center? How do I know which would be best for my child?

When a child is enrolled in a home tuition program they receive one on one learning opportunities. If you enroll your child in a tuition center setting the tutor's attention will be divided among each student.

A tuition agency setting does not provide your child the opportunity to clarify all misunderstandings and misconceptions. This will result in them missing valuable points that will be necessary for examinations and their skill base.

You will receive the best return on your money by scheduling a private home tutor for your child. This will provide your child a tutor's undivided attention, which will result in their educational improvement. This will also allow you to schedule during your preferred days and times as well as your child being comfortable in their stress-free home setting.

7. Who do I pay the tuition fee to after the first month?

The full tuition fee will be paid directly to the tutor.

8. When are the tuition fees due?

Tuition fees are paid to the tutor on the first cycle of tuition, upon commencement of the first lesson. The cycle of tuition is typically 4 weeks. If at any time you are unsure of the amount due to the tutor, our agency personnel will be glad to help you accurately calculate the amount due.

9. Will I have to pay for the tuition agency's services?

No, the services provided by are free of charge for parents and students. Our agency collects half of the first month's tuition fees from the tutor. Parents and students only have to pay the normal monthly tuition fee.

10. What do I do if I have a personal issue that prevents me from being able to make my payment for the tuition fee?

You just need to communicate with your tutor regarding your situation. If for some reason you are not able to contact your tutor feel free to get in touch with our agency personnel. We will be happy to work with you to schedule a date for the payment to be made.

11. What do I do if a lesson has to be cancelled or postponed at the last minute? Are there charges imposed for last minute cancellations?

First, there are no charges imposed for postponing a tuition lesson at the last minute.

However, we ask that you be respectful of our tutors and their time. Please contact your assigned tutor to inform them of the situation. If it is the first scheduled lesson please contact our agency personnel and they will take care of contacting the tutor.

At this point, you can work with the tutor to schedule a subsequent tutoring date and time. In the situation where you communicate with our agency personnel, they will immediately coordinate with the tutor.

Making adjustments to the tutoring schedule is to be expected. Feel free to make it as convenient for you and your tutor as possible.

12. Once I make the request for a home tutor how soon can I expect a response? personnel will contact you within 24 hours of your request.

FAQ For Private Home Tutors

1. How do I register myself as a tutor with

You have to fill up the Tutor Registration Form and we will contact you shortly.

2. Are there qualifications you prefer your home tutors to have?

To be eligible to become a tutor you must:

  • Currently reside and be eligible to work in Singapore
  • Possess adequate content knowledge of key subject areas. We provide tuition assistance in English, Math, and Science for elementary grades through O levels.
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain concepts to a variety of ages in a variety of ways.

3. If I become a home tutor what responsibilities would I have? tutors must:

  • Provide the child with opportunities to expand their knowledge base. It is important for them to be able to discover their educational interests, talents. You will also need to be able to motivate them to reach their potential and beyond.
  • Be totally familiar with all syllabi in order to be adequately prepared to help achieve better results.
  • Keep abreast of current education trends in Singapore as well as all educational certifications.

4. Would I be responsible for any fees associated with becoming a tutor?

There are absolutely no fees associated with applying to become a tutor.