Adding Up The Benefits Of Mathematics Tuition For Your Child.

Maths Tuition

Mathematics is a subject which – whether we realise it or not – all of us use on a regular, if not daily, basis; whether it be adding up the cost of the items in our shopping cart, working out how to budget our income for all of our outgoings, or just splitting a bill at a restaurant, we’d be nowhere without maths. So why wouldn’t you consider giving your child the best possible chance to improve their maths now, while they’re still developing their skills and trying to choose which career to go into?

Maths Tuition

Challenges Faced By Students

While undoubtedly an important part of schooling, it is amazing how many students dislike learning the subject, often due to the way they’ve been taught. On the positive side, it is well known that in recent years, Singapore students have topped lists of mathematics skills, out-performing pupils in many different countries. While this is, of course, great news, we need to make sure that we stay at the top of those lists, and one way of doing this is by offering our children extra mathematics tuition at home.

Some students can find the idea of sums and other mathematical equations daunting, and for them, a noisy classroom is the least nurturing environment in which to get their heads around the curriculum. By providing them with individual, one-on-one tuition in the familiarity of their own houses, students can not only concentrate more easily, but they can also discover a passion for maths that may not have occurred to them otherwise.

The great thing about mathematics tuition is that the skills your child will learn go way beyond what is needed to pass an exam; the basis of all maths is in coming up with solutions to problems, whether that problem is a + b = ? or whether it’s a huge, university-level equation. In learning how to solve problems such as maths equations, children learn about the world around them; in particular, that if they work hard enough they will find a solution, and that no problem can’t be dealt with if they just try. Learning maths will give them transferable skills that will help them out in all areas of their future lives, so it’s not a subject to be taken lightly.

Professional & Tailored Maths Tuition In Singapore – Stand Out From The Crowd

When using Tuition Singapore services, you can sleep well knowing that all of our mathematics tutors are experts in their field, come from a wide range of backgrounds (which we will match to your child’s personality and temperament), and know how to teach maths in various different ways until they find the method that most speaks to their particular student. With home-based tutoring, students feel they can ask their tuition teacher as many questions as they need to, without fears of disrupting the class or gaining unwanted attention from classmates. This means that the math tutor will spend as much time as needed on each particular mathematical problem or type of sum that is required for each individual child, so they won’t get left behind or feel that the subject is too much for them to handle.

Our maths tutor in Singapore make use of the mathematics framework in all of our maths tuition, looking at mathematical problem solving in term of attitudes, self-regulation of learning, thinking skills, various different concepts, and last but not least, skills in calculation and estimation. We don’t just look at the way sums work; we look at how they can be applied to daily life (both in terms of business and home life). This type of programme is used right from primary level to secondary and beyond, and our tutors will be able to choose which parts to focus on depending on the individual needs of the student.

We provide mathematics tuition in Singapore for all ages and levels of students, so for more information on the types of mathematics tutoring we offer, please get in touch today! We’ll be more than willing to help your child get going on the path to mathematical success.