About Us

Our Vision

To prepare every student for academic excellence

Our Mission

To provide highest quality of tutoring services to students in Singapore

To transform your child’s life with our cutting edge learning techniques, shaping their future and giving them the opportunity to excel

Core Values






The founder of Tuition Singapore knows what it’s like to need help in the area of education; as a child, he found learning to be difficult and frustrating. Often ranked near the bottom of his class, he was often too shy to ask for the much-needed help from his teachers, and when he did, he found he couldn’t fully understand their sometimes vague explanations. As he didn’t come from a wealthy family, his parents had to work extremely hard in order to pay for his extra tuition, something which he’s never forgotten. After receiving this help outside of school – and after being motivated by some truly inspirational teachers – he saw his grades get better, and eventually became the top in the cohort. Not only was this rewarding at the time, but it also opened up a whole new world of possibilities that would have been closed to him before.

We Know What You Are Going Through

Due to this past, the founder really understands what you and your children are going through, and this is why he is dedicated to offering top quality tuition at a reasonable price. We understand that bad grades do not mean that children are slow or lacking in intelligence, and our tutors will work tirelessly with your child in order to help them understand the work and even bring out special talents they might not have been aware of previously. Our founder was inspired by the extra help he had as a child, and now it is our job to inspire and motivate your child to become the best they can possibly be.

Whether this is in English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, or any other subjects, we want to provide your child with the skills they need to succeed both in education and in the working world. When looking at learning, we don’t just look at each individual syllabus or curriculum; we look at the big picture – at helping Singapore’s students to reach their full potential. We want this country’s education system to not just be producing competent pupils, but to be producing top quality students who have both the talent and the courage to go out into the workplace and to achieve whatever they want in life.


We realise that success in education – at any level – greatly depends on the relationship between the student and the teacher, which is why all of our tutors are chosen with the students in mind; of course, every tutor is thoroughly considered in terms of their educational transcripts, level of experience, and past success in teaching, but they are also chosen very carefully depending on the student they will have to guide. When requesting tuition, we ask for information on the child’s initial progress and any strengths and weaknesses they may have, which allows us to match the student up with the perfect tutor who will understand their needs and who will be able to choose the best approach to their education. This focused, tailored tuition is something your child will not get at school, no matter how high the school’s levels of teaching excellence are. We also keep track of the students’ ongoing process by gathering regular feedback from parents/hirers with regards to the teaching ability and quality of the tutors. This gives us a better understanding of how the tuition is going, and allows us to correct any issues that may occur throughout the tuition period (we do everything in our power to create a relaxed learning environment for the student, and we listen carefully if they have any problems or suggestions for their learning).

We offer a wide range of teachers – including full time tutors, fully certified MOE teachers and PhD level tutors – all of whom have been selected for their high quality tutoring skills. We currently have over 200 tutors registered on our books, with more joining the Tuition Singapore family all the time. Most importantly, all of our tutors are passionate about what they do, and they work hard to pass that passion onto their students.

We Want You Or Your Child To Succeed

So this is our promise to you: when you sign up with Tuition Singapore, your child will be receiving the best possible quality of teaching. We care about our customers, and we want to see the students succeed – in both school and life – as much as their parents do, which is why we take special care to tailor our sessions to the needs of each individual. No longer will your child want to avoid education; they’ll want to grasp every opportunity that comes their way with both hands.

A brilliant education is the greatest gift you could ever give your child, so have a look around our website for more information on the types of courses we offer, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any specific questions. We’re dedicated to providing top quality courses in order to help your child achieve the best possible results, both at school and in life, so sign up with us today to help your child turn education from a chore into a choice.